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The Error Management Initiative

Changing the world, by changing organizations.

Intercepting Organizational Failures by Academic Research & Advisory

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We want to reduce the consequences attached to errors in organizations.

Failures in organizations are on the rise as technology, globalization and societal changes make the world a more volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous place – whatever the precautions.

Most failures can be traced to error, human and
organizational. Yet current approaches to errors are
inadequate. As they focus on error prevention and
learning from errors, they neglect a key step :

managing errors as they occur.

That’s why we founded :

  • Research at Solvay Brussels Business School (BS-EM)
  • Supported by the Baillet Latour Fund
  • Critical insights provided by Experts

The Error Management Initiative

Our Goals

Reducing Errors

Dramatically reducing the consequences attached to errors in organizations — loss of human lives, damaged wellbeing, financial aspect.

Creating Knowledge

Providing the knowledge to succeed in strategies by effectively managing organizational errors with academically-backed resources


Providing this knowledge to businesses, but also the governments, public agencies, organizations, and NGOs.

The Core Team

Dr. Paul Verdin

Chair Director

Irène Ingardi

PhD Researcher

Marie Godts

Collaborator & Coordinator

Thibaut Wégria

Freelance Collaborator 

Xavier Vaesen

Solvay Teaching Assistant

Resources & Teaching Cases

Consider us as a resource for management higher and executive education.
Our offering on Strategic Error Management includes :

Teaching Cases

Available through The Case Centre clearing house, including teaching notes as Volkswagen case, Fortis case and more

Customised Modules

We provide a Strategic Error Management teaching program and a customized modules and interventions for schools, companies and non-profits

Student Cases

See how our students have been doing and find out more on Error Management education in this section

Do you want to be an actor of the change ?

Whether you are student, a doctoral student or a renowned professor in management or other areas, join our effort in explaining errors in organizations and how to intercept the disasters they may carry. 

The Error Management Initiative is looking for talents.

The Error Management
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