“Wrong to Right” conference draws strong interest

ULB-Error-0118 The inaugural conference of the Baillet-Latour research Chair on Error Management at Solvay Brussels School of Economics and Management was a large success. See the photo gallery!

Speakers were:

  • Magnus Sundstrøm, flight captain on Airbus A330/340 and chief pilot instructor at SAS Scandinavian Airlines;
  • Paul Bodart, former CEO of Bank of New York Mellon SA/NV (Europe) and executive VP of Bank of New York Mellon,
  • Amy Edmondson, professor of Leadership and Management at Harvard Business School (USA).

The event was introduced by Bruno Van Pottelsberghe, Dean of the Solvay BS-EM and concluded by Paul Verdin, professor of strategy at Solvay BS-EM. The panel was moderated by Jan Hagen, professor at ESMT Berlin. Vincent Giolito, lead researcher at Solvay BS-EM, hosted the conference.


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