The Strategic Error Management course is back!

The first course on Strategic Error Management for Masters students in business engineering, in 2016-17 had received a significant success, with 45 students signing up. This elective course in Strategy is now part of the regular program not only in the business engineering curriculum, but also in the more classical Masters in management science.

In total, 110 participants registered. We’ll even have to duplicate the course for maintaining high-quality, and interactive teaching.

Fuck-up NightsThis year we introduce a more sophisticated introductory module of self-reflection, inviting participants to recall stories of errors of their own to encourage them on how they could better manage errors. The module in part refers to the “Fuck-up nights” movement, in which entrepreneurs tell how they fell — and got back on their feet.

As last year, students will be graded based on research on real-world errors in organizations. We request them to analyze the stories and to present their insights in the form of 15-minute, TED-like shows. The first group had been so creative, we can’t wait to attend the new presentations!

Are you a professor? You may want to introduce Strategic Error Management in your programs. Please reach out to us via our contact page for more information.

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