The Baillet Latour Chair at Academy of Management

Academy of ManagementError Management is still a small topic but it is definitively growing. That is the least one can say in regards of the number and the quality of presentations dedicated to error management at the annual meeting of Academy of management. We can only welcome this trend as well as the presence  of this topic at the largest gathering of management researchers and teachers in the world (11,000 participants)

On this occasion, The Baillet Latour chair on Error Management initiated and participated in three events, from scholarly workshops to a larger-audience symposium, along with colleagues from renowned international schools and universities. You can download two of our presentations below:

  • Higher-Order Errors: a New Conceptualization of Some Organizational Errors
    — and their Management, presented in the Professional Development Workshop: Frontiers in the error research: Discovering new directions and opportunities

180813 AOM EM Symposium bridges.key

  • Executive Error Acknowledgement: The Achilles’ Heel of Strategic Error Management?, presented in the Panel Symposium:
    Errors in Organizations: Building Bridges to Explore New Grounds

180812 e Frontier PDW Giolito Verdin

Please let us know your thoughts!


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