Consider us a resource for management higher and executive education. Our offering on Strategic Error Management includes:

  • Untitled.001Teaching cases  available through The Case Centre clearing house, including teaching notes:
    • Fortis – Managing the largest acquisition in banking ever: go
    • Société Générale – Daniel Bouton and the Kerviel affair: go
    • Volkswagen über alles – the Dieselgate — forthcoming, please inquire
    • Wells Fargo, from cross-selling to overselling — forthcoming, please inquire
  • A “Strategic Error Management” teaching program
    • For Masters and MBA classes
    • 24-hour teaching program
    • Curriculum and material available upon request: please inquire
  • Customized modules and interventions for schools, companies and non-profits, please inquire.
  • See how our students have been doing and find out more on Error Management education in our news.