Error Management goes strategic at Lufthansa Human Factor conference

We were invited as “high-caliber experts” to give a presentation at the 2nd Lufthansa International Human Factors and Safety conference organized by Lufthansa Flight Safety at the airline’s training center in Seeheim, Germany.

LH logoOur presentation, by Dr. Vincent Giolito and Prof. Paul Verdin, introduced Strategic Error Management for corporate executives to an audience of pilots and safety instructors from Lufthansa and airlines from around the world. While error management is part of the “Human Factors” training in aviation for decades, only recently have the insights been transposed to other activities. In part building on insights from aviation, Strategic Error Management offers avenues for executives to avert strategic failure.

You can view the slides below.
[slideshare id=86635547&doc=161018-lufthansa-180124135901]

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